jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Lola's oven-baked rice


- Pork sausages (as many as you like…I’d put 1 and a half per person). Cut them into pieces of 1,5 cm more or less.
- Black pudding with rice (if it’s from ‘Burgos’ (‘morcilla de Burgos’), just one because they’re quite big; if not, just whichever you want but count 1 or 2 pieces per person): cut it into slices of one-finger thickness.
- Pork ribs… 250 gr. it’s enough. Cut them into cubes (ask the butchers to do it – it’s better)
- 1 small jar of boiled chickpeas (you find them in jars in the supermarket)
- 1 potato
- 2 tomatoes (small but not ‘cherry’ variety)
- 1 yellow colouring sachet for paellas. (the best is ‘Carmencita’ brand)
- 1 bulb of garlic
- Rice: add the rice depending on how many people there are…but remember to add double the water…. (So, 1 glass of rice = 2 glasses of water)….it has to be Fallera brand or similar, if not it might fail.
- Oil and salt.
- And of course, an earthenware casserole dish, if not it’s not oven-baked rice….

First prepare as follows:

- Cut the potato into thin slices as if you were to making chips and keep them.
- Cut both tomatoes in half and put them aside.
- Have the measured rice ready on a plate.
- Put the measured water you’re going to use into a saucepan and heat it. The water must be thrown boiling into the casserole dish (don’t rush, but put it in hot)
- Pre-heat the oven…while you cook on the kitchen (electric or gas stove) the oven runs to 200º - 225º, because when you put the casserole inside, the oven must be hot.
- Switch on both sides of the oven (up and down), but when you introduce the casserole dish only heat from below.

Let’s start:
1. Fry the pork sausages lightly, black pudding and pork ribs. Once they’re brown as you like, take them out and put them to one side.
2. Fry the whole bulb of garlic lightly, take it out and put it to one side.
3. Fry the half tomatoes lightly. Once you see they’ve a bit browned on the cut face, take them out and put them to one side.
4. Fry the rice (from now on, you’re not going to take anything out, on the contrary…have everything you fried before near you because you’re going to put it inside the casserole dish immediately).
5. Add the chickpeas (drained and cleaned). Stir a couple of times with the spatula and do as follows.
6. Add all the sachet of colouring.
7. Add all the meat….stir with the spatula to mix everything.
8. Add the boiling water. Be careful, that step is dangerous. You can get burnt if the water splashes on your skin. You’ll see that the rice starts boiling the same moment.
9. Quickly, put the bulb of garlic in the middle. Add the half tomatoes face-up wherever you want and carefully throw the thin slices of potatoes throughout the casserole. All those ingredients will float later (see the picture).
10. Put the casserole into the oven quickly but carefully. Close the door and leave for 18 minutes.
11. When it’s been there for 13 minutes, switch on the top side of the oven to grill the meal a little bit. Mind it doesn’t get burnt.
12. Once the 18 minutes have passed, switch off the oven, leave the casserole dish inside for 2 minutes and then take it out.
13. And now you can eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Some small advice: leave the casserole resting for 10 minutes before serving)

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